Classes Closed till further orders to avoid the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Classes Closed till further orders to avoid the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Classes Closed till further orders to avoid the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) at the College Campus


The management and authorities of Regional College hereby announce that following necessary measures have been taken as per the direction of the state government to avoid the spread of Coronavirus at the college campus:

  • All the classes in various departments will be suspended till 30th March 2020.
  • The mid-term examinations that were scheduled to be conducted and the various ongoing examinations are postponed till further orders. The students will be notified later for the revised schedule of exams.  
  • Public gatherings are one of the easiest ways for the spread of Coronavirus. Therefore, activities such as workshops, competitions, seminars, expert lectures where students and staff members can gather will remain suspended during this period. 
  • To carry out the official work smoothly, all the faculty and staff members will be available for performing routine tasks in their office.
  • Any students or faculty members who had recently travelled foreign countries will remain at home for the quarantine period as the precautionary measure prescribed by the state government. 
  • Try to seek medical assistance as soon as possible if a student or faculty member is identified with any of the symptoms of Coronavirus. Further, such individuals should avoid contact with other students and staff members. 
  • Hostel students are advised to be more careful in this regard and they should avoid forming groups and gatherings at the college campus. Necessary awareness should be generated among the students regarding the symptoms and precautions of the Coronavirus among the students. 
  • Facemask and regular handwashing with sanitizer are some of the easiest ways through which we can avoid the spread of Coronavirus. Stay calm and do not panic as it will only make the situation worse. The hostel warden or Chief Warden should be contacted immediately in case the students recognize any symptoms of the Coronavirus.

Follow the above guidelines strictly and join hands for a healthier and safer nation by restricting the spread of Coronavirus.  



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