Placements for Graduates & PG

Placements for Graduates & PG



HR Executive

Reporting to

Operational manager




Job Responsibilities


  • Works with the (SG) to prepare the job description and ensures proper procedures for review and approval are met at the department level.
  • Posts recruitment on selected job boards.
  • Reviews and approves interview short lists.
  • Assigned by the organizational unit.
  • Monitors staff recruitment activity and ensures affirmative action/diversity guidelines are followed for searches within the organization.
  • Coordinates short list review.
  • Works with the OFSAA to ensure a diverse applicant pool exists.
  • Routes recruitment to (OHRC/OSCC) for review and routing
  • Notifies interviewees not selected
  • Provides consultation and assistance during the recruitment process
  • Make Harmonious relationship with other HR Executive of different Organisations.
  • Provides diversity profile data, availability and placement goals
  • Knowledge of job portals,, etc.
  • End to End recruitment.  




·         Graduate/PG Fresher OR Experience.



·         INR 1.20000 to 1.80000 Lac/Anum





1.       Achievement Oriented

2.       Problem Solving

3.       Responsiveness to clients /Persuasiveness

4.       Communication (Oral & Written) 

5.       Presentation skills

6.       Time Management Skills

7.       Initiative

8.       Ability to work under stress

9.       Pleasing Personality

10.    People Oriented/Interpersonal Skills

As we all aware that education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. Education then beyond all other devices of Human Origin is the great equalizer of the conditions of Men. In the field of distance/regular education Saransh Group is going to do something different. Saransh Group is going to set a new paradigm by launching its new project “Nurture and Shapers” first time in India which is based on the Foreign Education System. Saransh Group will provide Higher education along with the job (Earn while Learn). There is no need to follow the traditional way (to be present physically in class room) of education. In Saransh Group students will get a chance to learn practical lessons along with the job experience certificate. With this project we are trying to create a relation with school and professional life. In school we taught a lesson and then has to give a test to start our professional life but Saransh Group will give real professional life experience along with school lesson.

Now student will not be worried about their fee any more even they are not required to take education loan. They just have to take admission in any course by paying a nominal registration amount Saransh Group will give them job opportunity according to his/her ability and eligibility within 2 or 3 months. Hopes will also provide free of cost training for those students who are weak in any area and we will make them competent and ready to move in corporate…..


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