A Gazal Concert at Campus

On September 13 2013, a gazal concert was  organized at RCERT campus  with special guest  PT Prithvi Raj Mishra table vadak, Shristi Bhatt a Gazal Singer and PT Matang Pareek  a Gazal Singer.

Pt Prithvi Raj Mishra played table solo first which was a very rhythmic start of the concert and then Sristi Bhat and PT Matang Pareek starts gazal with the all time favorite gazal which made concert a melodies event. The rhythm, which was continuously steady, seemed to get faster like a heart beat by the climax of the song.

They also performed on the students and faculty request of gazal they shared some of their experience to motivate the students  And finally they end up the concert with the song “Padharo mahre desh” a traditional  song of Rajasthan


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