Celebration of 51st Engineer’s Day

Engineering is not merely knowing and being knowledgeable; engineering is no merely analysis; engineering is not merely the possession of the capacity to get elegant solutions to non-existent engineering problems;   Engineering is practicing the art of the organized forcing of technological change.

From the invention of the wheel in ancient history to the modern day drones, engineering constructs have provided the vital push for the progress of human technology. Taking note of how important engineers are for the growth of nations, countries around the world celebrate the Engineer’s Day.

India has marked September 15 as the National Engineer’s Day. This is because to appreciate the contributions of legendary engineer Dr.Mokshagundam Visvesvarya  who was born on September 15, 1861.

On this occasion vice chairman Dr. Anshu Surana, principal of RCERT Dr. Pramod Sharma, principal of pharmacy Dr. Tarachand Kumawat, and principal of polytechnic Mr. Rakesh Kumar were present as the chief guests. All theHod’s of all department and all the faculties of the college and all the students were there to celebrate as well. The programme started with Tilak Ceremony. After the Tiilak ceremony we were have our traditional auspicious lamp lightening ceremony and saraswativandana as a tribute to mother saraswati the goddess of knowledge.

Vice chairman Sir Mr. Anshu Surana was the chief guest who gave the motivational speech for the students. Our principal sir Dr.Pramod Sharma Deliver a speech to encourage the students and also told about the importance of the day. The students organized a very good program of Quiz Competition & “Poster and Project Presentation”


After the Quiz competition, The program of the 51st Engineer’s Day ended.






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