Surgical Strike Celebration

We sleep because they are awake, we live because they die.’ A set of society, which breathes and bleed nation, the army, is the only reason of our peace. Anybody thought if they could ever disrupt somebody’s peace? Surgical strike is a well planned militant affair of crossing the borders of a nation and destroying the military forces, camps and arms, where there is no or minimal harm to the common people and rest of the surrounding structures and public utilities.


Today in Regional College For Education, Research and Technology we have celebrated the Surgical strike day with zeal and spirit befitting the occasion. The program started with motivational poem by senior students of MBA 3rd sem. After such a enthusiastic poem all the teachers has come up on stage and share their personal experience of their time related to war and life of soldiers with the students and faculty members. Dance and songs performance given by students and give tribute to our brave soldiers for their bravery and there fighting spirit in the battle filed as they scarifies their lives to protect our Nation. On this remarkable occasion we remember our soldiers and freedom fighter.


The function ended with the national anthem and with the thought that we will live in”A nation with no terrorism, extortion, black money, murders is a dream day for every citizen. Peace and harmony is yet the ultimate desire of every being. No matter how justified the cause is, the destruction which these attacks create on either side of the border could never be reasonable. Proving your superiority by the medium of bloodshed is just an act to quench your own thirst. At end of the day, what one aspires from life is immense happiness, peace, and satisfaction, away from all the ferocious acts of the human. If every civilian adhere to it, the world would be a happy and peaceful place to live in.”


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