Two day International Workshop- IRWRCT-2014

Regional College for Education Research & Technology, Jaipur

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A Two day International Workshop


Recent Computing  Technologies -IRWRCT-2014

December 22-23, 2014

A two day  International Research Workshop on “Recent Computing  Technologies” (IRWRCT-2014) was organized at Regional College for Education Research & Technology (RCERT) Sitapura, Jaipur in association with ACM (Udaipur Chapter) & CSI (Udaipur Chapter) on  December 22  – 23,  2014.

                          Welcome Rangoli at Administrative Department


December 22, 2014

The Program Began with a formal welcome of all the Guests, Speakers and dignitaries with Bouquet and Lamp Lighting ceremony. Entire auditorium enjoyed the video of the preparations of workshop and RCERT College.


         Lamp Light Ceremony by Prof. Rajkumar Buyya                          Lamp Light Ceremony by Prof. Pragaya Jain




Dignitaries : Dr.(Prof.) R.S. Tiwari(Principal , RCERT) ,Prof. Amit Joshi(Sabar Institute, Gujrat), Dr. Durgesh Mishra(SAIT, Indore), Mr. Anshu Surana(Vice Chairman, DKS)  , Mr. Prem Surana(Chairman, DKS), Prof. Rajkumar Buyya(University of Melbourne) , Prof. Pragya Jain(IIT Delhi),Prof. R.K.Bayal(RTU Kota) , Mrs. Pramila Surana(Director General, RCERT).

Director General, RCERT, Mrs. Pramila Surana addressed the gathering to upgrade their knowledge in Recent Advances in Information Technology. After that Mementos were given away to most valued Speakers and dignitaries.

Dr. Durgesh Mishra , Director, Microsoft Innovation Center, Professor & Head, SAIT, Indore addressed the gathering to get benefited from cloud computing and its applications via this workshop .He is also the chairman of CSI Udaipur Chapter. He motivated the students to connect with CSI to have better opportunities in coming time.

Er. Amit Joshi, Associate Professor , Deptt of IT , Sabar Institute Gujrat shared his views regarding cloud coumputing and cryptography . He is also secretary of ACM Udaipur Chapter

The Organizing secretary of IRWRCT-2014, Er. Madhumay Sen shared his fruitful views over the research issues on Cloud Computing & initiating some innovative R & D Projects while address the gathering.

Vice-Chairman of Deepshikha Kala Sansthan, Mr. Anshu Surana shared his views for creating a cloud computing environment on network of computer tools for building cloud applications and also brief introduction about RCERT.

The delegates, participants & faculties were taken for High Tea & the participants felt refreshed and enthusiastic to cover technical session.

Prof. Rajkumar Buyya, Director of Cloud Computing & Distributed System, University of Melbourne explained the technology for creating cloud computing, cloud architecture. He also explained about different research , applications about cloud computing and discussed about “Anekha Cloud” which was made by him.

In the afternoon, the delegates, participants & faculties were taken away for Lunch at New Administration Building of the RCERT Campus.

After having lunch, technical session2 was technically supported by Er. Rajendra Shandu ,Asst. Professor, Thapar University ,Patyala and guided by Prof.  Rajkumar Buyya. In this session operation and demonstration of “Aneka Cloud” was discussed. Prof.  Rajkumar Buyya implemented cloud application successfully before participants. All participants implemented their cloud computing program in computer lab. All together he enriched knowledge of participants regarding cloud computing.

At the eleventh hour, In the evening the delegates, participants & faculties were taken for Tea & the participants felt refreshed.


                            Dignitaries at Dias, RCERT’s Auditorium                                      Dignitaries at Inaugural Ceremony




              Mr. Prem Surana presents bouquet to Prof. Rajkumar                       Mr. Anshu Surana presents bouquet to Prof. Pragya Jain




                         Participants at Auditorium                                 Mrs. Pramila Surana presents bouquet to Dr. Durgesh Kumar Mishra 



                                                                                 Er. Madhumay Sen addresses the gathering



                                                          Prof. Rajkumar Buyya delivers the talks                                  



                                                      Er. Rajendra Sandhu demonstrates about Aneka Cloud

December 23, 2014

On second day of Technical Session , Prof. Pragya Jain, IIT Delhi, explained about the operation and demonstration about “Baadal Cloud “ . It was designed and established  by her at IIT Delhi.

Baadal is a cloud orchestration and virtualization management software developed at IITD that can work with multiple virtualization technologies like KVM, Xen and VmWare. She has stated some of the main features of Baadal are: 1) Dynamic resource scheduling and power management. 2) An integrated work flow system for request and comissioning of virtual machines. 3) Facilities for suspend, resume, shutdown, power off, power on and specifying resource requirement of virtual machines. 4) Dynamic resource utilization monitoring. 5) A notional cost model for VM resources.


                                                                       Prof. Pragya Jain Delivers talkes


After discussing technical session of morning, the delegates, participants & faculties were carried for High Tea & the High Tea pepped them up.

At 11:30 am Dr. Sandeep Kumar Sood focused on cloud computing before participants .

He shed a light on Cloud computing while explaining that Cloud computing is comparable to grid computing, a type of computing where unused processing cycles of all computers in a network are harnesses to solve problems too intensive for any stand-alone machine. Cloud computing uses networks of large groups of servers typically running low-cost consumer PC technology with specialized connections to spread data-processing chores across them. This shared IT infrastructure contains large pools of systems that are linked together. He also explained that virtualization techniques which are used to maximize the power of cloud computing.


                                                                          Dr. Sandeep Sood Delivers talks

After discussing technical session2, the delegates, participants & faculties were carried for enjoying delicious lunch.

Valedictory Session commenced with Bouquet and valedictory speech was given by Vice-Chairman of Deepshikha Kala Sansthan, Mr. Anshu Surana.

Director General, RCERT, Mrs. Pramila Surana also appreciated participants for enriching the fruitful knowledge about Cloud computing .

Chairman of Deepshikha Kala Sansthan, Mr. Prem Surana admired the workshop including all of the Department of RCERT for doing a great job while thanking Chief Guest, Guest, Speakers.

Our venerable Chief Guest Prof. Rajeev Gupta, RTU Kota & Prof. Mahendra Lalwani, RTU Kota  threw a light that how this Research Workshop will be valuable and useful for students and participants in every walk of recent technology’s area and people must have gained lot of advantage from Cloud Computing .

Chairman and Vice-Chairman offered momentous while concluding the valedictory session. After then Certificates were given away to participants.

At the eleventh hour, The Organizing secretary of IRWRCT-2014 Er. Madhumay Sen delivered Vote of thanks while concluding the Valedictory Session and thanked all the dignitaries , Associated partners, participants and entire all the Departments of  Engineering, RCERT with great pomp and show and then High Tea was offered to all the enthusiastic people.


                                                                Delegates discuss with Management



        Mr. Anshu Surana enjoys the workshop at RCERT’s Auditorium           Prof. Rajeev Gupta discuss with Prof. Rajkumar Buyya



         Mr. Anshu Surana presents Bouquet to Prof. Sandeep Sood           Prof. Rajkumar Buyya gives away certificates to participants



           Prof. Rajkumar Buyya gives away certificates to participants          Prof. Rajeev Gupta address the gathering



              Mr. Prem Surana gives mementos to Prof. Rajeev Gupta            Mr. Anshu Surana presents mementos to Dr. Sandeep Kumar Sood



    Mrs Pramila Surana gives mementos to Prof. Mahendra Lalwani             Prof. Rajkumar Buyya gives away Coordinator-certificates to participants



           Er. Madhumay Sen(Organizing Secretary) delivers Vote of thanks        Delegates, Management & Participants at open Theater of RCERT Campus  



Discussion between Er. R.K. Bayal(Advisor)                                      Delegates with RCERT’s Management after the workshop

and Er. Madhumay Sen(Organizing Secretary)



Er. Madhumay Sen

Workshop-Organizing Secretary                                                                                     


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