An MOU signed between Mission Minded Foundation Jaipur and Regional College Of Jaipur.

An MOU signed between Mission Minded Foundation Jaipur and Regional College Of Jaipur.

 An MOU signed between mission minded foundation Jaipur and regional college of Jaipur.


MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING was signed by Mission Minded, Jaipur and Regional College For Education Research And Technology on 24th August, 2021. The signatories for the same were Prof.(Dr.) Pramod Sharma, Principal , Regional College for Education, Jaipur and Shri Bhupinder Singh, Chief Manager (Technical), Mission Minded, Jaipur. 


Mission minded foundation – JAIPUR, (hereafter referred to as mission minded JAIPUR) 863, Barkat Nagar, Kisan Marg, Tonk Phatak, Jaipur, Rajasthan – 302015 and REGIONAL COLLEGE FOR EDUCATION RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY, JAIPUR believing the extension and strengthening of academic exchange and co-operation to be of mutually Value to Mission Minded- JAIPUR & REGIONAL COLLEGE FOR EDUCATION RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY, JAIPUR , and to the development of understanding between our peoples, and to fulfill the objectives of the institute, hereby record their intentions to promote academic, research, skill development and training between the institutions through the following activities.





The main purpose of this MOU is to promote an institutional linkage between Mission Minded Jaipur and REGIONAL COLLEGE FOR EDUCATION RESEARCH & TECHNOLOGY, JAIPUR, go to explore avenues for possible collaboration in research of stakeholders broadly in the area of computer application and management in which expertise exist and can be mentored by either or both of the two organisations.





Both the parties agree on the following objectives:-




Visiting academic stuff:- institutions may invite faculty members for the purpose of lecture or consultation, And/or research guidance for a specified period of time, subject to the approval of the home institution. Participation of faculty in various short-term courses, faculty development programmes, workshops, seminars and conferences will be ensured as per Mutual agreement.




2.2.1 both the institutions May send their students, either post graduate and under graduate in appropriate fields of study.

2.2.2 both institutions agree for exchange of students for in-house training of various high end application labs in the field of artificial intelligence, Software development, mobile app development, web designing digital marketing, computer accounting, ERP training and recruitment and selection training to management students as per appropriate terms and conditions by both the institution.

2.2.3 students will be encouraged for interaction by cultural and technical program participation.

2.2.4 Institute visits May be arranged in respective organisation.

2.0 .5 Institute experts employment possibility for post graduate students of computer science and management field.




Both the institutions may exchange relevant materials, such as those relating to the library. The libraries can also exchange reference materials for researcpurposes as per the mutual agreed terms.






3.1  Terms of cooperation for each specific activity implemented under this memorandum of understanding shall be mutually discussed and agreed upon in writing by both parties prior to the initiation of that activity.


3.2 Any such agreement entered into, As outlined above, will form an appendix to this memorandum of understanding.


3.3 Length of agreement. This letter of intent will remain in force for a period of one year subject to the terms of cooperation.


3.4 Accountability. An annual activity report shall be submitted and by The lead coordinators to each one of the institutions Designated representatives.

3.5 termination. Either party reserves the right to terminate this letter of intent upon one month’s written notice. Any program or activity that has already commenced and shall be completed to The best of both parties abilities.





This MOU Will be in effect from the date of signing i.e 24.08.2021 and remain in force until 01 year or till such time as proper notification is given by one or both of the parties of the intent to terminate or to modify the institutional relationship.


Regional College wishes for better tomorrow in association with Mission Minded.

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